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Think I’d be gone for long did you? I’m insulted. But no, another Wolpy fanfic. Today we’re delving into his slight problem; the doom wolf curse. It changes you after a while, you’ll see what I mean. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! (Chokes and falls down). This is a sequel to Wolpy’s choice.

The curse of an Omega chapter 1; monster

  A long time ago Logan was forced to flee to Gangvar territory because of the constant shadow wolf incursions, shadow wolves have been popping up everywhere and they have forced Logan from their territory, now the shadow wolves have Logan and Gangvar cornered. A wall of black mist surrounds the Gangvarian forest now. Hope was fading fast, no one but a shadow wolf could venture into the mist and live to tell the tale. The shadow wolves are closing in and time is running out.

  Among the wolves hoping for salvation was Racher. She wished there was something that would save them all. But hope was all but shattered, this was because nearly Bryte finished it with her yesterday.

  “How could you throw your hope in with that coward, he ran away!” This was true, for reasons unknown, Wolpy the former Omega of Logan ran away from Logan. After the fight between Wolpy and Bryte for Racher’s heart Wolpy became distant and cold. When he finally left Racher felt strangely empty. This made Bryte angry and things were slightly problematic between them. Racher had to explain that she only regarded Wolpy as a friend and a friend only. She prayed for a way out of this problem. She didn’t know that her prayers would be answered.


  Wolpy also suffered, but he was suffering from something entirely different; he was suffering from the doom wolf curse. It was eating him, clawing him, gnawing him. He couldn’t stop it. Dark Wolpy kept on coming again and again and again. Why won’t it end? Wolpy suffered enough. Wolpy distanced himself from everyone including… her. He couldn’t even think of her now without turning. Woply’s curse forced him to travel beyond known lands. Wolpy was the first to step into this strange new region. No wolf has ever been here before, with good reason. Creatures from the darkest pits of hell hunted in these lands.

  Wolpy went through the equivalent of the fiery pits of hell in this dreaded place. He hated himself too much to care that he killed things to terrible for other wolves to lay eyes on. He never cared. All that mattered was finding a way to get rid of or control the doom wolf curse. Control. Why would Wolpy want to control the curse? Wolpy spat in revulsion. Bad idea, disgust formed anger, and anger turned him into Dark Wolpy. Dark Wolpy roared and charged forward, killing anything that got in his way. Nothing could stop him. He was immortal, indefatigable, unbeatable.

  Inside Wolpy wept like he never wept before. He wanted to go home. The sound of his crying resounded through the minds of all creatures nearby and one particular wolf.


  Dawnsoul leapt as though she was bitten. She was having a nightmare of some sort. She had a lot of those recently, of shadow wolves conquering all and destroying everything. But this… was different. For a brief second she heard Wolpy crying. Dawnsoul didn’t know how she knew that it was Wolpy, she just did. Just before she woke up, Wolpy’s screaming turned from anguish and despair to rage, so terrifying that Wolpy changed into a shadow wolf. Dawnsoul scratched her head. Was Wolpy alive? He couldn’t be; Tyr and his cronies killed him. But Dawnsoul was curious, so she decided to ask Abir on that subject. He was the least bad-tempered of the three. She strode through the crowd of wolves that populated Gangvar. She could feel their fear. A result of the shadow wolf incursions amplified her spiritual powers. She found the wolf she was looking for.

  “Hey Abir?” Abir raised his head. Like all wolves today he looked a lot shabbier than usual. “I need to ask you something.” Abir stood up, he was a lot taller than Dawnsoul.

  “Can’t you just read my mind?” He groaned. Dawnsoul shook her head.

  “There are too many minds. I can’t concentrate on one with so much noise.” Abir sighed.

  “Fine, what is it?” Dawnsoul took a deep breath.

  “What happened when you met Wolpy at Logan territory?” Abir froze. He wanted to forget about that night. He remembered Wolpy turning into that… that monster. Abir almost shivered. He tried to bury what he saw that night but Dawnsoul saw what happened when it came to his mind. She gasped. “But how did he—“

  “I don’t know. I kinda wish he was here. I think he’s the only thing that can kill a shadow wolf single-handedly.” Dawnsoul was shocked that this was coming from Abir. She wondered if Tyr would say the same thing but discarded that idea. Tyr’s pride was bigger than the long way to Logan. She walked back to her usual post now. Her position as guardian was more important than ever now. She stopped.

  For a brief moment… she heard something different in the waves of emotion she sensed from everyone. She sensed… laughter. There was no mistaking it, it was Wolpy’s laughter.


  The next day…

  In a faraway land, on a beach near a crystal clear sea, the most beautiful place ever conceived. There was a lump in the golden coloured sand. It was moving. A pair of furry limbs rose out of the many tiny flecks. Soon a thin wolf slowly staggered onto his paws. His body was deceptively thin, the wolf had in fact a lot of hidden musclemass. His fur was a dark shade of yellow brown, almost bronze-ish. There was a pitch black spot on his back which used to be brown. The wolf’s once azure eyes are now a sapphire blue. Every part of the wolf’s fur was darkened.

  Wolpy straightened his stance and took in his surroundings. He never saw a place like this before. It felt so peaceful. Wolpy sighed as he turned away from this beautiful spectacle and began to trudge away. Until all of a sudden he heard someone. He spun around to see the last thing he expected;

  "Dawnsoul?" The semi-transparent she-wolf stared at him in equal shock.

  "Wolpy?" Wolpy couldn't believe his eyes. His friend was here. Some good news at least. Perhaps he was...

  "Am I dead?" He asked hopefully. Dawnsoul looked appalled.

  "What do you mean 'are you dead?' why do you want to die?"

  "A lot of reasons. You don't want to know. So, what's new?"

  "Well, Logan pack is visiting us, Sansenite just asked me out on a date to which I accepted for a laugh and were currently surrounded by shadow wolves." Two feelings rose up in Wolpy; fear and... longing? His dark side relished the chance to meet it's full blooded kin. "Wolpy run, just run okay?" Wolpy wanted to reply but Dawnsoul faded away until there was nothing there but sand.

  "No!" Screamed Wolpy. He ran over to the spot were Dawnsoul was only a moment before. Logan, he had to go to Logan, it was on the way to Gangvar. He'll know if Racher was alive or not. Burning with new-found purpose he sprinted back the way he came, to Logan.

  And home.  
Well there you go again. Wolpy's back and he will kick tail.

This is going to be so much fun.

As you may have noticed by now I made a few changes; Wolpy is still unable to control his curse. He WILL get his wings and eventual control but not now. He must SUFFER first. I AM EVIIIL!!


OMFA franchise=Skailla

Dark Wolpy= Shadowpuphunter and me.

Plot of the story and upcoming powers= meeeeee.
shadowpuphunter Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Hey, what a suprise, i'v read this aswell. Hey lookwolpy has wings......WAIT!! WHAT!!! WOLPY HAS WINGS!? ok I think it would be a good idea to have wolpy hide those wings and pointy tail until they are really needed, otherwise I see problems. So you could say wolpy can have a normal wolf form, a dark wolf form and a........ angel/demon wolf form.
wearelegion97 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
He can sheath them at will. And he can do all what you just said as well. The changes to his fur and eyes are permanent however.
shadowpuphunter Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Good to know
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