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Hello boys, girls and whatever the hell else is watching. Wolpy’s back as you all know. But first let’s have a look at a few glorious pre-Dark Wolpy days shall we? Before we see the true meaning of anger management.

The curse of an Omega chapter 2; happy days.

  Racher sighed in boredom once again. It’s been two days since an attack and she was sick of living in fear. She’d rather snuff it right now than wait for something to happen.

  “You know, thoughts like that will get you killed.” Chuckled a female voice behind them. Racher yelped and spun to face the one who spoke to her. “You’re too jumpy.” Accused Dawnsoul. Racher huffed and turned around. “You’re thinking about Wolpy aren’t you?” Again Racher started. After a long silence Racher relented.

  “Yes I was.” Dawnsoul hummed. She sighed as she sat down beside Racher.

  “What were you thinking about?” She asked. Racher cocked her head then sniggered. “What? What’s so funny?” Racher contained her laughter.

  “We both know Wolpy was a bit of a wimp, but there were times when he became so awesome.” Dawnsoul grinned.

  “I’m interested.”

  Six months ago (in wolf months by the way.)

  Racher was minding her own business until two things happened; first Wolpy raced past her.

  “Hey Racher!” He cried as he passed. After that, Jinny nearly knocked Racher over.

  “COME BACK HERE, RUNT!” Wolpy used his momentum to climb up a particularly high branch and balanced himself. He was at least ten feet high.

  “How’d I get up here?” He asked no one in particular. Jinny paced back and forth underneath the yellow wolf who was beginning to make himself comfortable by sitting with his back to the tree trunk. “Ah well. I’m safe at least.” Jinny growled.

  “Get down here!” Wolpy took one look down and replied.

  “Nuh-uh! I’ve got vertigo!” Jinny snarled.

  “Northwing! Come here!” The silver-grey wolf ambled up. He grunted drowsily. “Get him down here.” Northwind took one look up and shook his head quickly. “You will go up there or else.” Growled Jinny. Racher calmly walked up to the bickering pair.

  “Can anyone tell me what’s going on?” She asked. Jinny turned to look up at Wolpy who was whistling a merry tune.

  “That damn Omega made fun of my voice.” She hissed. Racher was hard pressed to keep her laughter in check. Jinny’s voice was pretty high pitched and Wolpy took to mocking it behind her back to amuse Northwind, Amaranth, Racher and on some occasions Cinamon who found nearly everything amusing. It seems that Jinny finally caught on to Wolpy’s mocking. Jinny turned angrily at Northwind. “Well?” She whispered threateningly. Northwind sighed.

  “Sorry Wolpy.” He muttered. He began to climb the tree slowly and hesitantly. Wolpy noticed this.

  “Hello Northwind. Watcha doin’?” Racher chuckled at the casual tone he took.

  “I have to get you down Wolpy, no hard feelings right?” Wolpy shook his head. “Sorry man.”

  “S’all good.” Dismissed Wolpy. Something above him that the others couldn’t see took his notice. “Oh, snack.” He grinned and climbed up to get this snack.

  “Hey! What’re doing? Those are my eggs! Oi! Gerroff! Ow!”

  “Thanks mate.” Wolpy went back to his usual perch with a birds nest full of eggs in his paw.

  And a feather in the other.” “You ticklish Northwind?” Northwind was to busy climbing the tree to notice the potentially dangerous weapon in Wolpy’s paw, he nearly reached the branch that Wolpy was sitting on.

  “Very. Why d’you ask?” He looked up to see Wolpy brandishing the feather with his tail. He was in range, and Northwind’s ticklish parts were exposed. “Oh no…”

  “No hard feelings right?” Wolpy grinned evilly as he jabbed the feather into Northwind’s armpit. Northwind began to laugh. He struggled to hold on and before long, came flying down. He landed next to Jinny who huffed.

  “If you want a job done properly, do it yourself.” Wolpy was munching on his eggs and looked down to see Jinny climbing up now.

  “Round two.” He chuckled as he finished his last egg. He raised his feather. “En guarde.” Jinny grinned.

  “I’m not ticklish Wolpy.” Now Wolpy looked worried. Jinny hung upside down with all of her claws embedded in the branch to keep herself stable. She didn’t notice the evil grin that plastered Wolpy’s face. “Alright Omega, prepare to face your—“

  “This little cub went hunting.” Said Wolpy as he poked his sharp claw onto Jinny’s forepaw. She yelped and took it of quickly. “This little cub stayed at the den.” Poke. Jinny was hanging upside down with only her hind claws keeping her on the branch.

  “Stop, I order you!” She shrieked in fear.

  “This little cub got into a fight.” Jinny was going to fall any second now. The rest of the pack was cheering him on. “Aaaaaaand this little cub went—“ Poke.

  “Ayowaiiiioof!” Wolpy’s brow furrowed. He pointed a claw at the groaning Beta.

  “Spot on Beta.”

  The present.

  Dawnsoul burst into laughter, slamming her paw into the ground.

  “Did he actually do that?” Racher grinned.

  “Oh yes, he had to stay clear of Jinny and Mom for a while though.” Dawnosul chuckled.

  “He had a few good moments here despite everyone beat him up all the time. Out of interest, did you lot treat Wolpy badly?”

  “Oh no, he earned a… grudging respect of sorts from the others. Few wolves could do what he did when he brought that Elk to Logan.” Dawnsoul shrugged.

  “I’m still confused about that myself. I didn’t know he had it in him.” She thought for a while. “Speaking of which, here’s his greatest moment in Gangvar.”

  Two years ago.








  “No! Damn it Wolpy!” Wolpy and Sansenite had been arguing for the past half hour about Sansenite being better than Wolpy at everything. Wolpy knows that he’s better than Sansentie at pranks. “Pranking doesn’t count Wolpy.”

  “It does in an argument like this.” Wolpy shot back. Sansenite growled in frustration.

  “You’re impossible!” Wolpy scoffed.

  “Look who’s talking, Beta.” Sansenite growled again. He hated it when Wolpy mocked his rank. “Alright, we better set the record straight then shall we?”

  “Oh? How?” Wolpy grinned his special grin that signals upcoming mischief.

  “Let’s just say that if Gangvar and Logan ever went to war. That will seem like a playground skirmish compared to what I’ll do to you. You’ll regret thinking your better me at pranking.” With that Wolpy walked away. During that week, Sansenite played all sorts of drab, boring and basically lame pranks. But Wolpy did nothing except tease him that he can’t prank. The only hint of his prank he gave to Dawnsoul. “Trust me, it’s big, I’ll blow Sansenite away in one shot. I’ve been getting ready for this.” He laughed evilly for a bit then stalked off.

  That night, Sansenite was woken up by a low groaning noise. He walked deeper into the forest until he reached a clearing. He heard that groaning again, behind him. He turned around to see a zombie, the turned back around to—                                              Sansenite froze, zombie? He turned around again, it wasn’t there now. Sansenite let go of the breath he was holding. He hated zombies.

  He turned around to see the same zombie right in front of him. “BREEAAARRR!!!!”

  “AHHHHHH!” Sansenite turned and ran away at top speed with the undead wolf in hot pursuit. Sansenite ran pass Dawnsoul, the zombie followed, winking at Dawnsoul while he was at it. She paused at what she saw and then burst into laughter.

  Racher; Did Sansenite find out in the end?

  Dawnsoul; I’m getting to that. It’s the climax.

  Sansenite ran headlong into the Alpha of Gangvar; Urten.

  “What? What is it Sansenite?” He asked after dodging him. Then the zombie tore out of the undergrowth. “AHHHHH!” Now Urten was running along with Sansenite. Urten paused after a while. “Wait a minute.” He turned around watched by several curious pack members. The zombie stumbled out, grinning goofily.

  “Gotcha Sansenite.” Said Wolpy/zombie. Sansenite was bristling in fury.

  “WOLPY!” Wolpy punched the air.

  “I AM WOLPY, KING OF THE PRANKSTERS! BOW DOWN TO ME NOVICE!” However Sansenite didn’t bow, he and Urten ran headlong at Wolpy. “Catch me if you can amateur!” Laughed Wolpy as he fled.

  The present again.

  Racher wasn’t surprised that Wolpy did something like that, Wolpy was a genius when it came to pranks. Not even sneaky Fenrir could outwit him when they had a prank war. Racher and Dawnsoul laughed and told each other stories about the good old days.

  Meanwhile in Logan…

  Wolpy panted as he finally reached the borders of Logan. He let out a victorious pant/laugh. He walked towards the centre of Logan, there was the Alpha’s rock. But it was desecrated. Wolpy gasped in horror. He stumbled forward slowly seeing a speck of… red. He walked over to this speck. It was a tuft of fur. Wolpy sniffed it and he nearly wept. It was Racher’s fur, but that means…

  Wolpy’s muscles went rigid, a low demonic growl rumbled from his throat. Wolpy started twitching and jerking his head as though there was an annoying fly there. Wolpy raised his head.

  His eyes were glowing white. His fur became pitch black. A black beam blasted from his body straight upwards as Wolpy roared.

  “NOOOOOOOO!” Wolpy screamed and roared as he shed tears for Racher. He didn’t bother to fight his curse this time. A pair of angelic black wings sprouted from his back and a large tail blade sprouted from the tip of his tail. He spread his wings to their fullest and the entire territory was destroyed.

  Wolpy’s full transformation was complete. Wolpy rose on his new wings and flew to Gangvar. The shadow wolves, they did this and they will pay. They will all pay.
Oh dear. Those shadow wolves are SO screwed. Demon Wolpy is coming for ya boys!

OMFA franchise=Skailla

Dark Wolpy= me and mister shadowpuphunter

Storyline and powers=... me. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA.
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