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November 28, 2012
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This is where the heads roll my friends. I’ve been looking forward to this and I’m sure you have as well.

The curse of an Omega chapter 3; Wolpy’s return

  Dawnsoul gasped in pain and clutched her head with her paws. Racher leapt in panic.

  “What? What is it?” Dawnsoul turned her face slowly to Racher’s.

  “They’re coming.” Racher never felt more terrified in her life. She looked outside the tree border and at the fields. Dozens of shadow wolves were standing in eerie silence. The shadow wolf at the front was as big as a bear.

  “Mortals!” It screamed. “I am the Destroyer! Feel my wrath and despair!” Several wolves gathered to watch the destroyer rant. Urten and Uliar stared at the Destroyer in silence.

  “Well…” Sighed Urten. “I suppose there’s one last thing we can do; attack.” Uliar started in shock.

  “Are you crazy? Nothing can kill these things!” He all but screamed at his brother.

  “We have to try.” Murmured the Alpha of Gangvar.

  “What can possibly kill a shadow wolf Urten? Tell me! What?!” Urten was going to answer when Dawnsoul yelped I pain again.

  “There’s something else, it’s coming in fast.” Sansenite placed a paw on her rigid shoulder.

  “What is it? A shadow wolf?” He asked. She shook her head violently.

  “Worse.” Amaranth snorted.

  “What could be worse than a shadow wolf?” At which point did a loud howl of rage resound across the valley. The ground under the shadow wolves suddenly exploded and the shadow wolves were thrown around like rag dolls. Black mist surrounded that area. The Destroyer turned around as a dark figure strode out of the unravelling mist.

  If there was ever a creature that could look angelic and demonic at the same time, this was it; a pair of black feathered wings sprouted out of its back and it walked with an unmatched grace as though he wasn’t quite touching the ground. However a jagged tail blade jutted out of the wolf’s tail and its expression was one of immeasurable fury. “Oh, that.” Whimpered Amaranth. The Destroyer backed away, to the wolves’ confusion. What is so dangerous and powerful to make a shadow wolf that calls itself the Destroyer cower?

  “You!” Cried the Destroyer in both fear and anger. The wolf began to tremble before letting loose a horrific cry at the heavens before charging at the destroyer. The destroyer tried to dodge but the wolf was way to fast and grabbed the destroyer. The winged wolf flew up and slammed the Destroyer’s head onto the ground, resulting in its head being crushed and its neck snapped. The wolf didn’t stop there; it continued to claw and tear at his foes limp body until only shreds of shadow remain. Funnily enough there was no blood, only shadowy mist came of what used to be the destroyer. More mist appeared from behind the winged wolf. Another shadow wolf stalked out.

  “Interesting. I had thought that the doom wolves were long gone. But now I see one before me.” The shadow wolf snorted. The only thing that made him distinguishable from an ordinary shadow wolf was that he was wearing a spiked helm and his eyes were glowing red, not yellow like most shadow wolves. “Not many doom wolves transform so fully at such a young age… you must have a lot of our blood in you or…” The Doom wolf charged and slashed at the new adversary, which he promptly dodged. “Or you are very angry. What could possibly drive your rage to such feats?” The Doom wolf snarled and hissed forming his first word.

  “Ra…cher… dead… you’ll… pay.” He struggled with the words. There was a feral intelligence in the doom wolf’s eyes. Racher’s head snapped up.

  “Did he just say my name?” She thought in alarm. It was evident that many other pack members were thinking the same thing.  

  “I see. So you fight because of grief? Is that it? That is a tangible answer in a half-blood’s case. You can feel friendship. It is an interesting mortal study. Is that what makes you so angry?” The doom wolf snarled again.

  “Who are… you?” The shadow wolf seemed highly amused. Urten briefly thought of him as an impressed teacher and the doom wolf an eager pupil.

  “Good question. You may know me as the Deceiver. However the important question is… who are you?” The doom wolf didn’t reply but sent a blast of dark energy at the deceiver. The Deceiver flickered out of phase for a moment allowing the beam to go straight through him. He giggled with glee. “Can’t remember, or just too angry to think straight. Tell you what… you let me go—“

  “NEVER!” Screamed the Doom wolf, he was so loud the ground trembled. Although whether that was from his voice or all consuming anger one could not tell.

  “If you let me go, I’ll leave your friends alone, for a while and show you just how wrong you are about… oh what was it again, Rachel?”  

  “RACHER!!” A few trees were blasted from their roots. Even the Deceiver looked rather surprised and… worried? If he was worried then he hid it pretty quickly.

  “She’s right here. Have fun.” Without warning Racher was standing right beside the Deceiver. Amaranth turned in shock to realize that Racher wasn’t beside her anymore.

  “Oh dear…” She mumbled. The Deceiver giggled gleefully and disappeared. Racher stood in bewildered shock, her head was darting around as she was trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Then her eyes fell onto the black wolf standing before her. It was regarding her with a raised eyebrow. “He’s cautious…” Muttered Amaranth. Blackfire turned her red eyes at the yellow omega.

  “What?” Amaranth noticed that many of the wolves were staring at her.

  “He’s trying to figure out if Racher is the real Racher and not some trick that the Deceiver made.” A few ‘oh’es sounded before everyone turned their eyes back to the scene before them. The doom wolf took a step forwards slowly. Bryte tensed. The doom wolf paused in mid-motion. It was still studying Racher. Racher’s brow furrowed as she took a step towards the darkness wreathed wolf.

  “Racher, what the hell are you doing?!” Screamed Bryte. The Doom wolf seemed shocked out of some sort of trance and took a few more steps towards Racher. Racher paused, noticing that the darkness wasn’t so thick.

  “Too angry to think straight…” The Deceiver’s words echoed in her mind. Why did they keep on repeating themselves. Then it clicked; the doom wolf was angry and that’s what made him so powerful. She remembered Amaranth telling stories about doom wolves; wolves that were cursed with the essence of a shadow wolf, essentially they were part shadow wolf. Some manage to control it to their will, as for the others, apparently their fates were unspeakable. These afflicted wolves usually turn when they feel a strong negative emotion. It was evident that this doom wolf was in a psychopathic rage.

  But now… He was calming down. The mist almost cleared but the doom wolf’s fur was still black. The doom wolf took yet another step. Racher sized up the Doom wolf, which was difficult because the Doom wolf towered over her. There was a look of… adoration on the Doom wolf’s face? Racher couldn’t tell.

  “Ra… cher.” It whispered. The voice was shockingly familiar. It couldn’t be. “Not… dead.” The Doom wolf’s fur was losing its blackened hue and was turning into a bronze-brown-yellow colour.

   “Time’s up!” Yelled the Deceiver with glee in their minds. Out of nowhere several beams of dark energy streamed straight towards Racher and the Doom wolf. Racher stood in horror at her incoming demise. The Doom wolf seemed a bit more vacant. The mortal half of its mind screamed at it.

  “Save her! Save her!” “Racher…” It mumbled. Racher backed away in stark terror at the barrage of dark beams. The Doom wolf slowly picked her up, settled her down on the ground and stood over her, muscles braced. The Doom wolf’s head was positioned of Racher’s. It was struggling to talk, but Racher heard four words that chilled her and, strangely enough, made her overjoyed.

  “My name is… Wolpy.” It whispered. The beams struck their target and Demon Wolpy tensed as he summoned a force field of dark energy around him and Racher. It growled as the beams blasted the shield but made no overall effect. In a just a few seconds that felt like minutes the attack finally ended. The shield faded away. Demon Wolpy slowly got off. “Thank you… Racher. I feel clearer now. You… saved me from… myself.” Demon Wolpy glared at the many shadow wolves that fired their darkness beams at him. Demon Wolpy sniggered.

  “My turn.” He rose onto his hind legs and slowly rose up on beating wings. He closed his wings around his body before letting out a mighty howl and spreading his wings and fore legs out sending a wave of dark energy at the firing squad of shadow wolves. They were obliterated. Demon Wolpy dropped back down onto the ground and grinned oafishly. He turned back to Racher. “So anyway.” He said flatly. “I hear that Dawnsoul’s going out with my Beta brother.” Racher was at first slightly dumbstruck that a being of ultimate power was engaging her in conversation like it was an ordinary day.

  Without any warning she burst into laughter and threw her arms around Wolpy. It was evident that he was surprised. Wolpy’s wings and tail blade retracted and Wolpy’s fur turned back to normal. He joined in with the laughter. They separated and they turned to see possibly the most terrifying they ever saw; Bryte.

  He was trembling with anger and most disturbingly of all; his paw was raised and his claws were extended. Before Racher could scream a protest Bryte’s claw flashed and Wolpy knew no more.
Oh dear... that's not good at all.

OMFA franchise=Skailla

Dark/Demon Wolpy= Me and Shadowpuphunter

Plot and powers=Meee (and possibly shadowpup if he was thinking the same thing.)
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