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November 7, 2012
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  Hey guys, Wolpy’s back again. A warning to you all, this might be the last chapter because it centres on what Wolpy does about the Elk stealing problem. If you want me to continue, I’ll be more than happy to do so. But on with the show.

Wolpy’s choice chapter 3: Bravery and rage.

  Wolpy was close, he knew it. This place was familiar, too familiar.

  'I'll get you for this! You’re so screwed up!'

  'Yes, yes I am.'
Self loathing settled into Wolpy’s heart. He hated himself, he hated his foolishness, he hated his gullibility and most of all he hated the fact that he always made enemies. Nearly everyone hated him, except Treavor. Wolpy snarled. Treavor made him do this, if he didn’t meet Treavor then none of this would have happened. Anger tore through Wolpy’s mind, his vision became slightly black. With a growl of rage he ran forward with renewed vigour. Wolpy’s eyes became a pure glowing white for a second as did his fur begin to darken. He ran at nearly impossible speeds for a wolf his age, coupled with him carrying twice his own weight in food. The glow faded and his fur returned to normal when Wolpy reached the broken bridge. He completely forgot what happened, and the recent abnormal anger that a wolf like him wouldn't feel. He only remembered being angry about something, but that was it. Shrugging, he finally deposited the Elk on his back, and felt like he was as light as a feather. Wolpy chuckled. He did it, he actually did something right. Wolpy turned to the forest to his right. Was that wolf that attacked him still there?


  Racher yawned again as she tried desperately to shrug off sleep. But she was getting more tired by the minute. What was the point of guarding the place she usually guards if there isn’t a damn Elk there? Bryte came back today; he had a few scars on him but nothing serious. Racher of course was worried sick. Uliar was angry as hell. He wanted to kill his brother so much, it was plainly obvious. And then Amaranth said that quote ‘the guilty one will return to amend for his sins.’ The pack laughed at her, Racher didn’t. Racher was Amaranth’s only friend, it was quite sad actually. Not even Bryte, despite Racher constantly asking him to give the Omega a chance, liked Amaranth. Racher was shocked from her thoughts when an Elk came out of nowhere. Racher rubbed her eyes.

  “You got to be kidding me. Must be my lucky day. Maybe Uliar will let go of this silly vendetta.” But as she got closer Racher saw that the Elk’s posture was all wrong, it looked as though it was lying on something. Abruptly the Elk flipped off. Racher gasped. It was the thief. He was back! Racher growled and stalked forward. Why was he here? What’s he doing with that Elk? The wolf dropped the small satchel he was carrying in his maw, turned to the forest and began to talk, was he talking to her? Racher pricked up her ears, this might be interesting.

  “Umm, is anyone there? Hello? It’s just *sigh* I was a fool for taking your kill it was never mine and I should have walked away when Treavor told me to take it.” So Treavor was the other guy’s name. “I highly doubt this alone will amend my affront to your packs pride, but this Elk beside me, is now yours… who am I kidding…? No one’s here.” He was talking to himself now. “I’m dead, this will never be enough.” The stranger turned to the forest again. “Look, I’ll just go. I’m being hunted and I need to put as much distance between myself and Gangvar as possible. If someone is out there, will tell umm Racher that I’m sorry for nearly killing her and that I agree with her, I am very screwed up.” The wolf turned and began walking away. Racher was totally dumbstruck, the wolf really meant it. He was leaving that Elk for Logan. Racher ran out of the forest.

  “Wait!” The wolf started and turned around with a look of fear in his eyes. The stranger’s eyes narrowed.

  “I know you… are you Racher?” Racher nodded.

  “The very same.” She jerked her head to the Elk. “Are you just going to leave that there?”  The stranger nodded.

  “My name’s Wolpy, by the way.” Racher looked over Wolpy; he stood at the same height as she did and he was skeletally thin. “If you’re wondering, no, I’m not meant to be this thin. I haven’t been eating much.” He pointed at the small rabbit skin satchel. It had a few scraps of dry meat in it. Racher turned shocked eyes on Wolpy.

  “How full was it when you last filled it?” Wolpy hesitated before answering.

  “Err, half full.” Racher gasped. “Are you crazy? You shouldn’t have been torturing yourself like this! You need something to eat.” Wolpy scooped the satchels contents into his mouth and gulped it down. Racher sighed and pointed to the Elk. “I meant that Wolpy.” Wolpy took a step back and shook his head.

  “No, I won’t eat that. That’s out of the deal.” Racher sighed. This guy was crazy! “So anyway.” Said Wolpy. “I gotta go, dad will have sent trackers after me, I’ve crossed the line and now Gangvar calls out for my blood.” He began to walk away. Racher wasn’t done.

  “Hold it there, you.” Wolpy stopped and turned. “You honestly think I’ll let you risk your neck like this and allow you to walk away as though it was nothing? I don’t think so, not here, not right now, I’m going to help you so SIT DOWN!” Wolpy complied immediately. He smiled at Rachers outburst. Racher nodded as he lied down nearly half asleep. “I’ll get someone, you stay here.”

  “After that outburst you won’t get an argument out of me ma’am.” Making a sarcastic salute. Racher huffed and walked away. Wolpy allowed his head to slump onto the ground. Fatigue was getting to him. Wolpy’s head suddenly snapped up as he caught a very familiar scent. He turned to see the last thing he needed.

  “Oh no…”

  “Hello Wolpy.” Chuckled Tyr.


  Racher rushed through the forest. This was the most exciting thing that ever happened to her in her whole life! She needed someone to see this. She could get Bryte, he can be nice when Racher was around. She ran out of the forest and into the centre of Logan territory.

  “Hey you! What are you doing not guarding the way?” Racher nearly crashed into the floor trying to turn around. It was Jinny. Racher groaned inwardly. “Hello, deaf wolf! What—are—you—doing—here?”


  (What happened, Racher’s version)

  Racher patrolled the area, fighting off sleep and winning. She had a duty and she was prepared to warn anyone in case anything happened. But then… out of the shadows… came a lifeless Elk, born aloft by… something. It was the thief! Racher growled and stepped into a battle crouch ready to attack at a moments notice. Only when the thief tossed the Elk did Racher notice the state that he was in; he was almost a skeleton. Racher wondered how long he hasn’t eaten for. The thief dropped into an awkward bow and spoke in a cracked weak voice.

  “It was a foolish error of mine to steal your pack’s kill and though I doubt this will amend your pride and honour, here… I Wolpy the Exile give you this; take this Elk as a gift and as a token of my guilt and apologies.” Racher’s only response was a curt nod of her head. Wolpy smiled and bowed again. “I must leave you now. As a price of this gift I have left my pack and now they hunt me. Goodbye, and offer my regards and sincerest apologies to lady Racher.”

  Jinny: Lady Racher? Seriously?

  Racher: Shut up! It’s my moment here! Anyway…

  Wolpy turned and limped away. But Racher dashed past him and stopped him from leaving.

  “I will discuss this with a wolf of higher rank, now you must stay for now.” Wolpy nodded, lied down and went into a laboured, rasping sleep.

  (Back in the present now)

  “Do you really expect me to believe that this thief returned and gave us an Elk? Honestly Racher, this is the most outlandish thing I ever heard from you, after mom hears of this you are so—“A resounding howl interrupted Jinny’s rant. ”What was that?” Squeaked Jinny. A figure stalked out of the shadows. Racher whipped around.

  “Wolpy?” The wolf cocked her head.

  “Who’s Wolpy?” Asked Amaranth. “If he’s a yellow wolf… oh by the spirits.” Amaranth shuddered. Racher, disturbed about Amaranth’s behaviour asked her question hesitantly.

  “What happened?”

  “He’s in very big trouble.”


  Wolpy was being tossed around like a ragdoll. Tyr and his goons were ripping him apart. Wolpy bled from several cuts, bite marks and his left-back leg was broken. Grunting Wolpy got up on shaking limbs and charged into Tyr. His target sidestepped and Wolpy fell to the ground. Blood loss, exhaustion and starvation was making Wolpy weaker and weaker. Wolpy tried to get up but his limbs gave away and he crashed back onto the ground again. Tyr laughed.

  “I should have known that you lied to us. It seems so much likely that you stole someone else’s Elk. Caught it by yourself… what a joke!” Wolpy managed to pick himself again, he turned to face his foe.

  “You and the rest of the pack fell for it peanut brain.” He snarled through blood flecked lips. Tyr punched Wolpy off his feet. He pressed his paw down on the Omega’s throat.

  “You’ll regret what you just said, but not for long I assure you.”  Meanwhile Thor was sniffing the Elk.

  “Hey Tyr, I think this was the Elk that that Lynx was talking about.” Wolpy didn’t hear the word Lynx, it was quite difficult to hear anything at the moment. His vision was turning grey. He was going to die. Tyr turned his head.

  “So?” Thor shrugged. “So… what do we do with it?” Tyr laughed evilly and said, “Since dear Wolpy here worked so hard to bring this rather impressive kill here. I say we… throw it away.” Wolpy started.

  “What did you say?” He whispered, his voice changed slightly; it became more… otherworldly as the weird anger began to take hold of him. Tyr laughed again.

  “You heard me; were going to throw your hard-fought kill away. Pity it looks so delicious.” Now Thor laughed. “Why don’t we take a few bites out of it? I think we deserved it.” Wolpy’s vision became blacker, but not because Tyr was choking him. In fact he wasn’t now, he was at the Elk and was assisting the others in pushing it to the edge. Wolpy slowly got up, his entire body bristling in rage, his eyes glowing with anger. Abir turned to laugh and taunt the Exile, but the words died in his throat as he saw what was happening to the former Omega. Wolpy’s eyes were glowing a pure magnesium white.

  “Tyr…?” He squeaked.

  “What? Can’t you see were busy pushing this Elk?” Abir gulped.

  “Look. His eyes.” Tyr and Thor turned to see the rage consumed wolf bare his teeth at them. Tyr growled and stalked forwards, but stopped short by Wolpy’s outburst, “NOOOOOO! YOU WON’T TAKE IT! IT’S MINE! I CAUGHT IT, ME! I CAUGHT IT! THIS MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME! I’LL KILL YOU!” Wolpy’s voice was distorted and sounded demonic. Tyr backed away as Wolpy’s fur begin to darken, he was changing before their very eyes. Dark Wolpy reared up and released an impossibly loud howl. He charged and barrelled into the trio. Tyr and the Thor were in a line and as a result; they were thrown into the fast moving river below, Dark Wolpy grabbed Abir with one paw and smashed his head into his face before throwing the unconscious wolf into the river. Dark Wolpy panted as his burning muscles, despite being enlarged and powerful by his abnormal rage, gave way beneath him as exhaustion finally took its toll on him. Wolpy’s body returned to normal, his eyes went back to their aquamarine colour and his wounds bled with even more ferocity. Wolpy couldn’t remember what happened. All he knew was that Tyr was choking him and then he and the others were gone. Where did they go? Wolpy felt the pain of his wounds go away. That was bad; it meant he was dying.

  “No, please. Not like this.” He begged in his mind, tears bega to form in his eyes. His head was spinning. He heard voices but they seemed so distant. Out of the shadows the Lynx that was stalking him strode out. She stood with a look of pity in her eyes as a small rabbit hopped up beside her.

  “What do we do?” Asked the Rabbit.

  “We know that he has the Doom Wolf curse. But he doesn’t know yet, we leave him be until he can use his powers.” Replied the Lynx. The Rabbit shuffled uncomfortably.

  “I dunno, he looked real angry back there. D’ya think he’s safe? I mean, this is the Doom Wolf curse were talking about. I don’t think the spirits will like us leaving ‘im ‘ere.” The Lynx continued to look. Wolpy managed to look up and met her glowing emerald eyes.

  “You’ve… been hunh… hunting… m-me.” He stated. Wolpy’s voice was a weak whisper. The Lynx nodded. “He’s only a child, we leave him for now. Let’s go Todd.” The Rabbit; Todd chuckled.

  “Oh, Evanor’s got a soft spot for kids.” He teased. Evanor cuffed him over the head.

  “Shut up.” And they disappeared. Wolpy instantly forgot what happened again. He slumped down onto the ground, his eyes began to droop.

  “Wolpy!” Cried Racher. “Oh, god you’re a mess.” Jinny and Amaranth caught up with her. Amaranth panted and took in great gulps of air, cursing about how fast Racher was, whereas Jinny stared at the Elk in disbelief.

  “Wow, you were actually telling the truth about the Elk.” Remarked an impressed Jinny. Racher was shoving and poking Wolpy to see if he would wake up. Nothing.

  “Is he dead?” Asked Amaranth. In truth she didn’t want to know the answer. Racher opened her mouth, but Wolpy’s paw shot out and grabbed her shoulder. His face was filled with anger for a second but upon realizing who he grabbed he relaxed.

  “Well I stayed.” Chuckled Wolpy. Racher was amazed that the yellow wolf was still alive. “Racher, I’m only a teenager I really don’t want to die here.” Racher nodded and helped Wolpy up. Amaranth went for the Elk and dragged it away from the edge. Jinny just stood there and acted like she knew what she was doing as usual. Racher rolled her eyes at the Beat and walked back to Logan, Wolpy followed with difficulty; and not just because of his wounds.

  “Are you sure I’ll be… welcome here? I can still leave if you like.” Racher rolled her eyes.

  “Wolpy, you’re coming with us, think about it; you haven’t got a lot of options left haven’t you? And if you try you might run into more of your pack, I don't think you can survive another attack. Personally, I think this is the best chance you have.” Wolpy nodded dumbly.

  “Yeah well I don’t have much choice in the matter.”

  “Why’s that? Asked Amaranth.

  “Well due to a combination of blood loss, hunger and being tired as hell, I’m going to faint.” Jinny looked at him oddly.

  “Faint what do you mean fai—“ Boof! “Of course.” She rolled her eyes. Racher picked the exile up and took him to Logan. One thing’s for sure; Wolpy was safe now.
DARK WOLPY! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! (Run's around the room until I run head first into something. Dark Wolpy, I couldn't help it. I love taking characters and twisting them so they have a dark side. It's a pleasure of mine, and a skill. Dark Wolpy might return my friends! Don't you dare think I'm done yet!

OMFA franchise=Skailla

Wolpy's choice and Dark Wolpy=Meeeeee! (Just so you guys know Mr shadow pup also claims credit for Dark Wolpy because it was his idea in the first place, sorry for not mentioning it earlier.)

Previous chapter: [link]
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Dark Wolpy= Me and shadowpuphunter!
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